Kennedy Bagpipes | Final Tuning

The Great
Highland Bagpipes

— Yours For Hire —

Years of practice,
of a lifetime.

Welcome to Opperated by the Queensland based professional piper Wayne Kennedy. Wayne and his network of pipers serve the Queensland community, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and special trips afar. The quest is to provide professional services which will never be forgotten.

The great highland bagpipes have been used for hundreds of years to help celebrate special occasions and they continue to deliver that irreplicable sound which makes the hairs on your arms stand, and the ceremony will be forever remembered. An Instrument which will set the joyous seen for your magnificent wedding or party, or switched into lament for the respectful memorial for a loved ones passing.


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Your Event

Whether a wedding, party, corporate event or funeral the pipes can be the most fitting musical addition to highlight the importance of the event. No other instrument in the world has the unique qualities that a bagpiper offers during a live performance. From the traditional highland uniform to the unmatched undertone of the drones.


Choosing A Tune

Often the hard part is knowing what you want your piper to play. With a large range of tunes and tunes available upon request, your ceremony will be perfect.

All Round Tunes

Sample Laments

Selection of Joyful/Upbeat Tunes